Sales Strategies, Training, Coaching & Motivation for the New Home Building Industry

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1.    How much does a workshop cost?

        We provide titled workshops and custom programs. Pricing
        is based on client needs, desires and location.  Each situation is
        different, therefore, we do not have a standard menu of fees. 
        During our initial project consultation, we will learn your
        desired goals and you will receive recommendations  
        for support which may include a workshop, a series of 
        workshops, as well as other related support to assist you in 
        reaching your goals, along with associated fees.  We are          
        confident that you will be satisfied with our services, and     
        will realize benefits far beyond the investment you make.

2.    Will Christine come to us?

        Most definitely!  She will provide group workshops and/or 
        personally visit those sites of importance to you.  When 
        Christine personally visits and experiences the locations and 
        individuals involved in a neighborhood or selling environment,
        she is better able to provide recommendations and create
        programs specifically to address those issues and to improve 
        performance in a group and/or  one-on-one. 

        She will provide Leadership with the tools to continue the efforts and reach 
        the desired results.

3.    I am interested in getting into New Homes Sales, do
        you provide workshops for individuals?

        Absolutely!  New Home Sales programs are offered on a
        rotating basis across the country.  Email Christine today 
        requesting a program in your area.

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