Sales Strategies, Training, Coaching & Motivation for the New Home Building Industry

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Increase your sales performance, profit margins and customer satisfaction with Christine Cunningham.

Whether you are a new home builder, developing residential communities or condominiums, a real estate company selling or managing new home environments,  or a financial institution managing residential properties, Christine Cunningham provides business processes, selling strategies and techniques to increase sales, customer satisfaction and profit margins. 

With over twenty years experience in the homebuilding and Real Estate industries, Christine brings personal "in the trenches" experience.  Her nuts and bolts "Pro-Active" sales techniques and strategies provide a solid foundation to succeed today and in the future.

She provides consultation and processes for improved business practices for your company.  She brings leadership and sales training for the group, and one-on-one individualized coaching and strategies to your locations. 

Christine has built long term relationships based solely on referrals as she consistently improves performance, corporate departmental communication and the  bottom line profits.  GUARANTEED. 

Christine Cunningham & Company
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