Sales Strategies, Training, Coaching & Motivation for the New Home Building Industry

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I am often approached with "Fix my sales people, they can't sell." 

If I just give a sales workshop without understanding what specifically is impacting performance, I believe the results and momentum would be short lived and several participants will gain no improvement.  Ultimately, there will be little or no value to the investment. 

Therefore, my approach to performance begins with a thorough understanding of your current situation, people involved and desired goals.  For over 16 years, I have successfully produced quick and long lasting results for my home builder, developer and real estate clients of many sizes, product types and price points around the country. 

In the optimum situation, I begin by reviewing your company's sales operations in order to gain a personal understanding of your company's culture and the specific sales and community issues, as well as projected goals.  

Next, I prepare an action plan to match the company's goals with recommendations and specific workshops designed to provide the best information and strategies for improved performance short and long term.  In addition, personalized information for the leadership team to utilize in maintaining performance.

The last step is the scheduling of the informational workshops and coaching.  Then the performance begins.

At my core is a pro-active sales vision coupled with my ability to work within company cultures to build alliances among the sales, construction, marketing and other departments to maximize profits and surpass sales goals. 

My leadership experience is diverse across four professional environments:  Homebuilding, Real Estate, Legal and Dentistry.  These various industry experiences equipped me with the ability to problem solve, communicate and to build teams with common goals at all levels of personnel and departments. My professional leadership positions included managing more than 200 personnel in a law firm to coaching numbers of sales professionals across the country in different building and sales environments at any one time where I gained personal experience in the areas of human capital recruitment, hiring, basic and strategic skill training and performance management. 

These experiences provide my clients across the country with winning results right from the start.  For example, I began my new home consulting and sales excellence business with the Writer Corporation in Denver, Colorado in 1994, providing sales strategies, personnel alignment and training. When I began my partnership with Mr. Writer, the sales team was producing less than 1 sale per month total for all communities.  I assisted in growing them from 1 sale per month in October, 1994 to 57 sales per month by mid-January, 1995.

The support  I provide may be as simple as a sales meeting segment to a multi-level project maintaining a focus on high performance standards including attention to schedules; deadlines and budgets; handling multiple projects concurrently and providing sales supervision; sales strategies and training; market studies and competitive research; coupled with scheduled communications to compare results to plan. 

No matter the size of the project, one home, one community or many, locally or nationally, my focus is to provide you with a value that helps you reach your desired results by utilizing my award winning skills and personal experience to establish a a working relationship focused on you. 

I guarantee a minimum increase of one sale per sales person per month when following my techniques. For example, The Writer Corporation went from one sale a month for nine communities to 57 sales in one month which resulted in an approximate gross volume increase of  $11.4 Million.
My value is in providing you with personal experience and techniques that will provide long term results to the best of my ability with passion, caring and commitment. 

Thank you for considering my services and I appreciate the opportunity to team with you and your company.


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