Sales Strategies, Training, Coaching & Motivation for the New Home Building Industry

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My Sales Philosophy

12 "Pro-Active"
Sales Success Philosophies

1.    Homebuying is an EMOTIONAL experience.

2.    The only way to discover BUYING MOTIVATIONS is to ask

3.    People buy homes from people they TRUST and feel good

4.    Sales Professionals must provide a SERVICE of VALUE to the 

5.    The builder and Sales Professional's TEAMWORK is the key to
       future business.

6.    The Sales Professional is the "BUILDER" to the Buyer and the

7.    CONSISTENT and TIMELY follow-up is a MUST for
        increased sales.

8.    A "BE-BACK" is a greater sale opportunity.

9.    SELF-PROSPECTING for quality traffic is the edge!

10.    Continually build and promote a strong "REALTOR 

11.    REFERRALS are 1/4 of your sales traffic.

12.    If You Do Not ASK -- YOU WILL  NOT GET!
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