Sales Strategies, Training, Coaching & Motivation for the New Home Building Industry

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Workshop Descriptions
   For Successful 
   New Home Sales Professionals"


                          Skills Enhancement Workshops

        To Increase Sales Performance and Bottom Line
        Profits Consistently.

   Sales & Closing Performance to Increase by 1 Sale Per
      Month Minimum Per Sales Professional Following     
      the Recommended Techniques.

Following is a listing of the most popular basic 3-hour "Habits of New Home Sales Professionals" workshops.  Contact us today for a complete listing, along with agendas, for basic and advanced courses and Real Estate certified continuing education.  We also create custom programs for you and your team as most situations are not identical.

Christine will present courses to refresh, to re-enforce techniques, to impart new strategies and techniques, to satisfy educational requirements, and to motivate.

Workshop #1:    Selling - The Basics

he sales professional will develop an enhanced awareness of their surroundings and receive techniques to gain attention, to build trust and to maximize communication. They will understand the necessity of creating their "store front" and capture other important sales tools to help them compete and to build habits to improve daily production.

Workshop #2:    
Understanding Needs & Buyer      

The sales professional will improve their ability to capture vital "selling information," and to understand the customers "buying" motivations necessary to convert a customer to a prospect and then to a buyer.  They will capture methods on how to use this information in "follow-up" and as a "closing tool" which will lead to more sales.

Workshop # 3:   
The Total Presentation

Whether the sales professional is on-site or in general real estate, they will learn how to communicate the unique significance of each area below "verbally" and "visually" through interactive presentation and demonstration; how to provide competitive 
positioning statements, and motivate the prospect to commit.
      • Area / Location / Neighborhood
      • Community & Amenities
      • Builder / Developer Story
      • New Home Specifics & Features
      • Price / Terms / Financing

Workshop # 4:    Objection Handling

This Workshop introduces and practices the skills necessary to be prepared for and to better handle daily objections.  How to use the objection process to build positive communication with the prospect, home buyer and Realtor, how to utilize objections as a selling tool and to assist in moving the prospect to the sale.

Workshop # 5:    
Prospecting & Follow-Up
                             for Quality Traffic & Increased Sales

Presents the follow-up processes and creates the habits necessary to excite the prospect to revisit.  To provide skills and techniques that will build quality prospect, Realtor and referral business.  

Workshop # 6:    Closing Skills

This workshop provides the techniques and strategies necessary to promote a prospective buyer through the decision making process and to the final commitment.  The Closing Process is an art form that once learned will consistently improve performance and shorten the time from first meet to contract.

Workshop # 7:    
Construction for Sales

This workshop provides basic explanations and visuals of the
homebuilding process from lot prep through to completion and then through the buyer introduction into their new home.  

This workshop includes standards of construction practice, terminology, reading and presenting of a site plan and plot plan, blueprint reading, materials identification with associated features and benefits of specific materials and finishes utilized in a new home.   

Finally, how to then present this information to a prospective buyer, how to present the value of each home and how to gain buyer commitment utilizing these sales tools.

Workshop #8:    
Competition & Setting     

This workshop provides the competition study process, information capture and reporting necessary to maintain a competitive edge.

How to utilize this information to formulate a "competitive selling presentation" and how to monitor needed improvements and changes for future product will be covered.

This segment provides techniques for setting expectations for the entire selling, construction and building experience that will yield satisfied customers and referrals.

Workshop 9:
   Jump Start Your Sales

This workshop covers my personal "in the trenches" action steps to improve performance.  This course is for those 
sales professionals who are not afraid to get "outside the box" to be successful. 
Workshop #10:   Marketing & Action Plan

                              - Creating Your Personal
                                Sales Results

Recommended to be completed in the fall prior to the coming new year in order to maximize your results. 

Whether you are heading into a
new year, a new assignment
or just want to take control of your results; this course will present a formalized action plan covering specific action steps and 
energy building activities needed in order to meet your sales goals.

ithout a plan how do you know where you are going? 
Remember you must begin your efforts weeks before you desire a sale. 

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